Holistic Nutrition Tuition & Fees

Choose from the available Holistic Nutrition Elective courses below and begin your journey into the world of nutrition and wellbeing. Upon receipt of payment, the course will be released to you online. Once the course is completed and successfully passed, a link to a Certificate of Completion will be opened allowing you to print a Certificate. Return to the main page specific to the course(s) you are interested in studying for course descriptions.


Holistic Nutrition (HN)

Course Name



Books & Materials (Est.)


NHA 800 - Nutritional Needs for Healthy Aging 3 Credits $300.00 $37.48 $337.48
HRB 1 - Herbal Cooking:  The Healing Power of Herbs 3 Credits $300.00 $32.00 $332.00
DNI 810 - Nutrient, Drug, & Herb Interactions
3 Credits $300.00
$44.00 $344.00
MHNE 611 - The Business of Health and Nutrition Educators 3 Credits $420.00 $113.10 $533.10