Holistic Nutrition Electives Overview

"Education is the process in which we discover that learning adds quality to our lives. Learning must be experienced."
William Glasser

Are you interested in expanding your knowledge in the area of holistic nutrition? Explore the options and enroll as a non-matriculating student. Take one or more of the elective offerings and earn three (3) college credits for each course.

Hawthorn University is a student supported university where life-long learning inspires our mission. Individuals interested in expanding their knowledge in a specific topic or who wish to add to their personal or professional development in the area of health and wellness may benefit by enrolling in a holistic nutrition elective course.

These new courses were developed by health and nutrition professionals at Hawthorn University. These courses are tightly focused and designed to be completed in sixty (60) days. Students are able to request a three (3) week extension should they require additional time to complete their assignments.

Holistic Nutrition courses include a selection of readings from excellent textbooks, web links to informative online information, lectures or webinars. Some courses include an online exam or an end-of-course oral conference with the instructor. All courses require written assignments used to evaluate student progress.

Without leaving your home, you can take a variety of non-degree continuing education courses or holistic nutrition credit-bearing courses for career and personal development at an affordable price. Hawthorn will continue to offer additional health, education, and holistic nutrition courses. Newly released courses are posted on this website.

Take advantage of our course offerings and follow your passion, receive intellectual stimulation, and become a life-long learner.

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