Open Enrollment or Scheduled Start

Prospective students may enroll with the following options:

1. Open Enrollment - Students who select "Open Enrollment" can begin classes as soon as all required documentation is received (prior to the next scheduled start date).
2. Scheduled Start - Students may select the next scheduled start listed on the Academic Calendar.

Students may choose to study one course at a time as they matriculate towards a degree. However, students who are anxious to accelerate and who have the time and dedication required to be successful are encouraged to consider taking two or more courses simultaneously. Hawthorn recommends that incoming new students begin with taking just the first course to evaluate the amount of time required to complete a course in the allotted time frame. Once students are confident with their ability to succeed and are familiar with the workload taking two or more courses is highly recommended.


Additional detailed information can be found in the individual program areas of this website.

Lifelong learners can add to their resume by earning Continuing Education Units (CEU) and a Certificate of Completion. See our assortment of Continuing Education (CE) courses on specific topics pertaining to nutrition and health.

Non-Matriculation Status

Applicants who want to take a course for personal enrichment or career advancement but who do not want a degree or certificate are invited to seek enrollment as a non-matriculating student. Earn college credits in specific topics to enhance your personal or professional development.