DSC Program Overview

If you are self-motivated and focused and have a passion for the field of nutrition, we invite you to explore the Doctor of Science in Holistic Nutrition program. This practical, interdisciplinary program provides a deep understanding of holistic nutrition.

The Doctorate in Holistic Nutrition requires students to participate in the tradition of thought, discussion, exploration, and inquiry in the field of holistic nutrition. Students are exposed to a depth of knowledge as they build confidence to discuss and debate all types of nutrition issues. Students are guided and learn to demonstrate a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the relevant history and present definition of the holistic nutrition field including the major literature, theories, practices, problems, ethical issues, and research methods. Achieving excellence in scholarship requires full and meaningful participation in this evolving, cooperative endeavor.

Graduates of this program will gain knowledge of and practice with holistic tools to support changes in thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and a comprehensive knowledge of holistic nutrition which will allow them to work in a clinical or educational setting. Our focus is to provide doctoral students with a working understanding of human physiology and biochemistry and integrate that with the current science of nutrition. We focus on how our food and lifestyle affects overall health. Our studies also include information on the use of nutritional and herbal supplements, detoxification programs, and information about laboratory testing that is used to assess nutritional and functional status.

This degree can be applied in a variety of ways: teaching, writing, working with food or supplement manufacturers, media, and more. Graduates help consumers navigate through the mass of confusing and often contradictory health and nutrition information. Our graduates work to educate people so that they can make their own informed health and lifestyle decisions more easily. For information about course content click the Curriculum link at the top of this page or see the College Catalog.

To review a copy of the Doctoral Dissertation Handbook, click here.

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